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New two cycle engine - Simplicity without pollution
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The two cycle internal combustion engines can become widely used in the automobile market, if two main goals were achieved:

- maintain its original simplicity
- eliminate the pollution inherent to the concept

Since 1992 Ive been studying, prototyping and patenting ideas concerning the possibility of the return of two cycle engines to mainstream transportation means.. My first patent was filed in Brasil and also before the USPTO...
Since no Enterprise accepted to develop the product I started to make one prototype by myself. Such a prototype, as seen on video worked fine at the very first try... Then I started to make my site,, and started also to continuously make contact all around the world with people and Enterprises. The more I study the matter the more I learned about all kinds of combustion engines... In 2013 my first patent expired and then I decided to register new ideas. Three more patents were filed before the Institute INPI at Brasil. So the sequence is:

1: Patent filed - USPTO: 5,403,164 (Sep. 14,1993) and Brasil: PI9203733
2: Patent required INPI - Brasil at 08/18/2011 (PI 1104016-5)
3: Patent required INPI - Brasil at 02/09/2011 (PI-1100424-0)
4: Patent required INPI - Brasil at 08/20/2012 (BR 10 2012 023793 6)

The first patent is today under public domain, but is still a good alternative for regular two cycle engines. There is a working prototype. There are videos of it and here is one made in Vitoria Science fair (Brasil) in 2009:

The second patent describes a two cycle engine even more simple than the first one. Both use a concept that separates the combustion chamber from the crankcase inner side, differently from the regular two cycle engines.
The third patent describes a lubricant oil for use in regular nowadays two cycle engines. Such oil is also flammable and being so, it disappears at the moment of combustion, thus eliminating the pollution expected for regular two stroke engines. Is a very good option for two stroke engines used in lawn-mowers, snowmobiles, outboard engines for boats and any other machine that needs power in terms of an internal combustion engine...
The fourth patent describes an idea suitable to use in any kind of combustion engine. Is a system aimed to control engine speed and power, working far beyond better than nowadays systems do. In this concept the engine throttle valve is simply eliminated. The engine speed will be controlled only by the number of explosions in the combustion chamber. Each of these explosions will always occur in a stoichiometric basis and it with result in low fuel consumption, lower pollution emissions and all similar benefits.

All of the research Ive made to file my patents leads me to study several fields of Engineering, such as electronics, chemistry, mechanics and so on.

I am running with two patents in the Contest :

"Create the Future Design Contest" - 2015

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