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Development - New two cycle engine

The first of the two cycle engines that were analysed.

The cutted cylinder. It brings a lot of information about the engine´s internal flows.

Side cut, allowing to separate the crankcase from the combustion chamber.

The cut in the opposite side.

Welded side showing two separated windows.

Windows cover, showing conexion pipes.

First "passive compressor".
It is the system´s kernel, the piece that allows the separation between the crankcase and the combustion chamber.
We see the tecnyl body, the reed valve and a rubber device that works inside this piece.

Second compressor, build to optimize the internal flows.

Finally, the first working prototype. On the right we see the "starter engine".
On the left the first "passive compressor". The "starter" was abandoned since
the engine starts up just pulling a nylon string winded in the engine´s pulley.
The compressor also was replaced by the second unit.

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